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"The biggest improvement to our program was Mike Zimicki."

"Mike Zimicki was invaluable."

" I think that everyone naturally understands that talent can only get someone so far, but the truth is that
nobody appreciates the effort it takes studying the data, training away from the track, and working with all of the people involved to truly make a team run properly and achieve its ultimate sucess. I think that what MFZ taught me truly is what made me understand the effort that racing takes to be at the top level and to compete. I always felt that the talent comes easy for most people because its natural, but the other half is what you need someone like MFZ for."

- Graham Rahal

" I worked with Mike in what was the most pivotal year of my racing career, in 2008 when I drove for Rahal-Letterman Racing in the Indy-Car Series. Mike opened my eyes to critical issues and techniques I would
have otherwise overlooked. Our time together culminated in the Indy 500 Rookie of the Year honors and a win for a one car team against the multi-car powerhouse teams of the Indycar Series. I have grown and matured as a racing driver since working together and have applied that knowledge everytime i'm in the car.


- Ryan Hunter-Reay

" I've known Mike for twenty years and had the misfortune of racing against drivers he has worked with on too many occasions. In 2009 I was finally able to be on the same team with him at Newman Wachs Racing and his work with the team was a huge part of our championship season. Mike brings a whole different approach to driver coaching where helping with line and basic technique is simply the beginning. From the outset of the season his tutoring and guidance encompasses the big picture of the racing year, focuses on the end goal and promotes steady, efficent progression in mental approach, fitness, team interaction and on track performance. No one I have encountered during 30 years experience offers such a complete approach to coaching in the racing industry."

- Nick Harvey 

Championship-Winning Engineer at NWR

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